2017 Billing Schedule
2016 Service Charges

01/20/17 – 03/20/17 Billing Period

Bills will be mailed no later than March 30, 2017 for the period of 01/20/17 to 03/20/17 and will be due on April 20, 2017.** Late fee of $5.00 will be applied to all outstanding bills on April 21, 2017. (20 days after bill went out) 48 hour tag fee of $40.00 will be applied to outstanding bills on May 11, 2017. (34 days after bill went out) Customers will have until the close of business on May 12, 2017 to avoid having service discontinued on, May 16, 2017 and assessing a disconnect/reconnect fee of $40.00. (39 days after bill went out) Also, please note that there is $50.00 charge for any after hours turn on. ** Payment arrangements can be made in the District Office or found on the District’s website. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm. Payment arrangements must be made at least one day before payment is due. Payments can be made online, over the phone, in person, via postal service, and at the District Office’s night depository slot located next to main door. Reminder, the District Office does Not Accept Cash. Thank you.