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President’s Corner Vol. 1 2016

President’s Corner Vol. 1 2016

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ACWA Outreach Awards

General Manager, Mary Henrici received, on behalf of the District, two Outreach awards at the Association of California Water Agencies Fall Conference.
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Job Announcement for General Manager

The District is currently seeking a candidate for the position of General Manager.

The filing closing date is January 15, 2016.
For more information please click the attachment ….General Manager Job Announcement

Employment Application

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President’s Corner Vol. 6 2015

Presidents Corner Vol 6 2015

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President’s Corner Vol. 5 2015

President’s Corner Vol 5 2015

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Special Board Meeting / Finance Committee Meeting

The Special Board Meeting will be held Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 1:00 pm

Located at the Visitor’s / Depot Center 6730 Front Street, Rio Linda, CA  95673



The next Finance and Administrative Committee Meeting will be held Monday, February 8, 2016 at 6:30 pm

Location: Visitor’s Depot Center 6730 Front Street, Rio Linda, CA  95673





water-conservationWe want to Congratulate the RLECWD customers for working hard To SAVE WATER!!
May: 39%                  June: 35.5%
July: 41.8%               August: 38.3%
September: 24.6%  
October: 25.6%
November: 34%       December: 25.1%

During the Winter, landscape will no longer require as much water as when the temperatures were warmer.  We will need to focus on indoor Conservation.
Please check for leaks around the house
Repair leaks within 7 days of discovering
the leak
Change High Water use fixtures with Water

On December 21, 2015, The Board of Directors approved changes to the Conservation Ordinance for The Rio Linda / Elverta CWD which goes in effect January 21, 2016.

Ordinance No. 2015-01
Stage 2- Water Warning
 **Cool/Wet Season
(typically November thru April)**

Turf shall NOT be watered unless utilizing non potable water during extended dry spells
● Plant containers, trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens shall be watered only by drip irrigation or hand watering.
● No watering after 48 hours of measureable rain per the Governor’s Mandated Regulations.
● Failing to fix leaks or faulty sprinklers within 7 days of detection.
● Allowing water to leave customer’s property by drainage onto adjacent properties or public or private roadways or streets due to excessive irrigation and/or uncorrected leaks.
● Using water to wash down sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, or other paved areas except to alleviate immediate safety or sanitation hazards.
● Private vehicle/equipment washing conducted with a hose must include an
automatic shutoff nozzle and hand-held bucket.
The washing of vehicles is permitted only on watering days.
Odd: Saturdays and Wednesdays
Even: Sundays and Thursdays
● Open hoses must be equipped with automatic shutoff nozzles.

Please click the link below for the full Ordinance.

To report a water waste call, please call the District Office at (916) 991-1000 or send an email to questions@rlecwd.com.


employment-300x200RLECWD accepts employment applications on a continuous basis. For more details on current job openings please visit our Employment Opportunities page.