Rio Linda Elverta Community Water District Logo

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rio Linda/Elverta Community Water District is to provide a safe and reliable water supply in a cost-effective manner.

District Goals

The goals of the District are as follows:

  1. Supply water to existing and future customers in a cost-effective manner while operating the District in a financially sound manner.
  2. Construct a distribution system serving the entire District which is adequately sized and looped.
  3. Maintain existing wells and storage in a manner that meets generally accepted water works standards and develop new wells and storage to meet peak flow demands and emergency needs.
  4. Establish a responsive and cordial relationship with customers that include effective communications and notification regarding the affairs and operations of the District.
  5. Complete and maintain a long-range plan for the water system
  6. Develop and maintain written policies, procedures, and specifications
  7. Establish a fiscally sound equipment replacement fund
  8. Participate in inter-agency cooperation in a manner that encourages respect between the agencies, including such cooperative activities as development of alternative water supplies, cooperative purchasing, and system entities.
  9. Develop and implement an effective water conservation program

Service Area

California Water Code

The powers of the District enumerated in California Water Code Division 12 shall, except as therein otherwise provided, be exercised by the Board.

California Water Code – Division 12