Well folks, this will be my last President’s corner and my last opportunity to communicate to you via this format. Just a couple of things to discuss: First, as I have mentioned in the past, your Board members work very hard for you and have made significant improvements to your water district. If you are happy with the direction of the District please continue to support the Board. There will be a couple of new faces on the Board in December take a moment, if you are able to offer your thoughts and support to them. Our District is becoming a well-run water district and it is important to keep in mind that this costs money, all too often the focus at RLECWD has been to spend as little as possible and ignore the aging infrastructure in our District. Well, we have a plan to start to replace the aged pipes, but there will be those who say our rates are too high and we should not waste our money. Be careful with this line of thinking as in the past it has led to much needed work not being done and as you know you can pay now or pay much more later when a disaster strikes.

Secondly, our water, which we have been producing for years, is going to be subject to new State mandated Maximum Contaminant Level numbers. It is important to note the quality of the water is not changing, but rather the standard that the State is placing upon us is. This will take time and money to work through, as some of our wells may not meet the new numbers. I just don’t want you to be alarmed if or when the State says we are out of compliance. The District is still dedicated to supplying its rate payers with good, quality water and will continue to do so. It is unfortunately going to cost more money, however, to meet this new standard.


And lastly, thank you to all of you, the staff, and other board members for having placed your faith in me as I have guided the District this last year. I believe that the direction and behavior of the Board and District is much better now than prior and I believe that is what we were supposed to do. I can’t say it has been all fun, but it wasn’t all bad either and some deep friendships have developed. It is important to note that I could not have been successful without your support and that of the Board and staff. Thank you again.



Matthew Longo, President RLECWD