matt-longo-200x300Well folks, there is not a lot to discuss and report. I think, frankly that, that is a good thing. All of the negativism associated with Rio Linda Elverta Water District is in large part behind us. I know that there are still some mechanical issues(pressure, supply, moratorium)but the Master Plan addresses those and is being implemented. The Board, Management, and Staff are working well together in a positive direction.

OK, so by now you have realized that thus far I have highlighted all of the Board members save one… Mr. Paul Green. I say with all due respect and admiration, Mr. Green is the senior statesman of the bunch, but don’t let a few grey hairs fool you. Mr. Green is tireless in his avocationof your water district. Mr. Green has had a long and successful local political career.He has been a past board member of the Grant School Board, involved in taskforce work out at Mather Field and the community of North Highlands. He has been on too many other boards to list here. Additionally, though having lost, he ran a very successful campaign against Darrell Steinberg for State Senate. The theme behind all of this has been civil service. Oh,and did I mention the 24 year career with the Air Force as Communications Center Specialist. He has provided a lifetime of service to his fellow man.

Mr. Green remains active politically not only for the RLECWD but also as Manager of the Republican Party Group on Linked In. It is with these political and community contacts that Mr. Green does his best work for our District. Whether it is looking for grant money oradvocating on our behalf via his position with LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission) Mr. Green is looking out for the best interest of the District.

As I have said in the past, we are lucky to have board members that give so much of themselves in time and effort on our behalf.