matt-longo-200x300RLECWD members, families and friends.

Well folks things continue to improve in our District and that is a welcome change. In spite of a few
negative nellies out there that are never happy and for the large part misinformed most can see the many
positive changes within our District. Our reservoir at L St. is under way and yes they found a few things
under the surface that weren’t expected, but we had a contingency for that and were prepared.
Infrastructure and old pipe replacement is getting started. Budgets that are in the Black are about to be
approved as we start our new fiscal year and generally our District is in much better shape.

Most of you are aware that the last few years have been a time of difficulty and have required steady
leadership from our General Manager Ms. Mary Henrici. Ms. Henrici signed on in the midst of a mess and
has been very helpful in our transition. As a result the Board has approved another 2 yr contract and a
modest increase in pay as it is the feeling of the Board that Ms. Henrici has earned it. Quite frankly I
believe the value to our District of a hardworking, caring, and able GM is immeasurable and we are
fortunate to have one.

In the last Corner I provided thanks and insight to Director Anderson and in keeping with this theme I
would like to share some about Director Caron. Again another Director that is working hard for you. I am
amazed at the time and sacrifice that these men make for this community and Director Caron is no
different. He is a facilities Supervisor with the Costco organization, so he is quite comfortable in the role of
problem solving and the mechanical aspects of the District. As a result he sits on the planning committee
and provides valuable insight in to the planning of our water projects for the present and the future. He is
concerned with cost and waste and does not spend District money frivolously but realizes that we must
carefully address the needs of the District and its future. The District is very lucky to have him working on
our behalf.

Matthew Longo

President RLECWD Board of Directors