Construction Update

The L Street tank construction is now 100% complete.

The tank is now constructed. Electrical panels have been wired. The intertie to the distribution system and all underground work has been completed.

With the storage reservoir and booster station complete the District has moved on to other capital improvement projects. Pipeline is currently being installed on Front Street. A new pipeline will be constructed on Rio Linda Boulevard North of Elverta Road in the coming weeks. This pipeline is being constructed to replace existing pipeline and add additional fire protection to the area. Due to the new chromium standard additional facilities are required to be constructed in the near future. A blending study is being conducted to determine if Chromium 6 can be diluted at well #15 and a pilot study for chromium treatment will soon be conducted at well 10. A rate study has been contracted to determine if our current rates are sufficient to add these State mandated improvements. Public hearings will be held once the study is completed.